Ron Galella 55 Years A Paparazzi, art-out

India A Celebration of Life by Manuel Rivera-Ortiz, book review

Chris Berntsen at Gulf + Western Gallery, art-out

Patrick Demarchelier at Staley-Wise Gallery, art-out

Pacifico Silano at Baxter St at CCNY, art-out

Sammy Slabbinck at Michael Hoppen Gallery, art-out

Laura Kimpton, interview

Inscribed at Bruce Silverstein Gallery, art-out

Mona Kuhn, interview

Living Inside The Chelsea Hotel by Linda Troeller, book review

Sangbin IM at Ryan Lee Gallery, art-out

Inheritance by Andrea Tese, book review

Cristina de Middel, interview



Evan Lee, beauty/editorial photographer, New York series, 2017

Anna Theroux Ling, art director, New York series, 2017

Elena Kibalchich, fashion designer, New York series, 2016

Kelly Korzun, Special Edition, 2016

Kim McCarty, LA based watercolor artist, 2016

Sara Blake, New York based illustrator, 2015

Jean Jullien, London based graphic designer, 2015

Steve Demyan, Brooklyn based abstract expressionist, 2015

Ryan Mikail, New York based portrait/editorial photographer, 2015

Chris Kanisorn, Bangkok based fashion stylist, 2015

Haley Stark, New York based art director & graphic designer, 2015

Erin Hanson, Queensland based poet, 2015

Alina Zamanova, London based fashion illustrator & textile designer, 2015

Aziza Azim, New York based buyer & editor, 2015

David Cowe, Perth based fashion photographer, 2015

Ashlyn Perkins, Winston-Salem based child photographer, 2015